Explore Malta Below The Surface

The Maltese Islands are a gem in the heart of the Mediterranean. With eons of history and culture, a year-round mild climate Malta offers a safe and friendly atmosphere. There is loads to do in just a few square kilometres. But if you want to see the islands’ best secrets, you must go underwater.

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Malta, Gozo & Comino

Our Maltese islands offer some of the best diving in Europe. According to the leading dive magazines Malta is the Top European destination and third best diving location in the world.

Diving in Malta is superb because of the combination of great dive sites, fantastic wrecks, incredibly clear warm water and an array of marine life. The water has incredibly clear visibility up to 40 meters. Diving in Malta is a year-round sport as the sea’s temperature never falls below 15°C.

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Groups Are Especially Welcome

Groups are especially welcome. We recommend for groups to come either from April to end of June, or October/November. In this case you can avoid the crowds and to take advantage of shoulder season rates on accommodation. Contact us and we will do everything to accommodate your group’s needs.

Established In 1978

Starfish Diving is one of Malta’s best diving centers with years of experience and a clean safety record. For over 40 years we have offered quality diving services at an excellent value in a friendly atmosphere. With a team of dedicated instructors, we offer a full range of diving services and a fully equipped shop.

Starfish Diving 40 years of diving excellence

Location Location Location

Our newly-refurbished dive center is at the water’s edge of Exiles Bay, making diving easy and allows us to provide courses and dives quickly and without any waste of time and unnecessary travelling. 

A wreck has been scuttled just outside our center, making dives even more interesting for all who visit us. Because our dive centre is centrally located and Malta is compact, we can dive anywhere around the three islands either by land transport or boat.

Why Dive With Us?

With Starfish Diving, you can learn to dive in just a few days. Also enjoy yourself diving around Malta in all environments from reefs and caves to wrecks. Malta’s maritime history endows the islands with historical wrecks including World War II ships such as the HMS Maori in Valletta and planes such as the Bristol Beufighter just in front of our center.

Let’s Get Technical

Malta has deep wrecks such as submarines and warships. The wrecks offer divers an opportunity to discover the ships and the abundant sea life which. The marine life in Malta is varied and divers can see anything sea urchins, starfish, octopus, groupers, sea horses, barracudas, tuna, moray eels and much more.

Our experienced instructors will make sure you get to see as much as possible of the local sea life and to appreciate and respect the underwater environment.

Starfish Diving is your key to entering a new and interesting world, a world where you can glide weightlessly and see amazing fish and other animals in their natural habitat. You can relax and have fun while learning and discovering a world of incredible beauty and splendor.

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