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О StarFish

Мы гордимся тем, что предлагаем индивидуальное обслуживание каждому клиенту, многие из которых становятся нашии друзьями, которые планируют свой следующий отпуск в одном из наших дайв-центров, возвращаясь, чтобы вновь испытать приятный опыт их первой поездки.

Михаил Умнов
Михаил Умнов
Владелец и генеральный директор Starfish Diving School.
Галина Умнова
Галина Умнова
Галя - лучшая половина Михаила. Она начала свою карьеру дайвинга в 1998 году в Хургаде, Египет.
Тиит Крутоб
Тиит Крутоб
Тиит является директором курса PADI, который является самым высоким профессиональным уровнем, которым может воспользоваться инструктор PADI.

Starfish Diving School has provided top quality diving holidays in Malta since summer 2002. Situated in the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay and Radisson Blu Resort in St. Julian’s and is easily accessible from relatively every area of the Islands.

St.Julian’s was originally a quaint fishing village built around a small bay. Nowadays St. Julian’s is a major tourist resort that has managed to retain its authentic charm. St. Julian’s provides a wide range of accommodations, some of Malta’s best restaurants, bars, night-clubs, shopping centre and cinemas.

Starfish Diving School offers a full range of Recreational Diving Courses by PADI from absolute beginners up to training for would-be instructors and organizes daily diving trips to the neighbouring islands of Gozo and Comino so you can experience the delights that these sites have to offer. All the diving instructors employed at Starfish are vastly experienced and able to teach in English, Spanish, French, Estonian, Finish, Italian, Latvian and Russian. Starfish Diving School has access to swimming pools for training and is immediately on the seafront of St.George’s Bay for easy access to diving from boat. Whether your interests are Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Boat Diving or you are simply a beginner, we can cater to all your wishes.

Школа дайвинга Starfish может предоставить все необходимое техническое оснащение и высокие стандарты безопасности, все необходимые погружения и поддержку, а также по мере необходимости погружения и поддержки дайверов.

Diving is available every day of the week throughout the year, at times to suit your schedule. Whether you just wish to make a single dive or multiple dives, from shore or by boat, Starfish can provide you with exactly the service you require.

All our equipment is state of the art and regularly maintained, including cylinders that can be charged to 300bar which give you plenty of air without the extra weight. Various sizes allow divers to be assured of the amount of air they need. 6l and 8l (300bar), 10l, 12l, and 15l (200bar) cylinders are all on offer at no difference in price. All regulators have a balanced first stage and are compatible with either the 300 or 200 bar systems along with full 5mm wetsuits, Aqualung BCD’s and everything else to make your diving as easy and safe as possible. The school has a brand new Silent Bauer compressor and we are able to offer Nitrox and Trimix to those suitably qualified.

Technical diving is fast becoming a popular extreme sport with divers looking to go that bit deeper, for that bit longer, in safety. The school is being recognized as a TDI Facility. The full range of TDI courses from Basic Nitrox to Advanced Trimix are offered throughout the year, with most starting on a daily basis. Your training is with our staff of highly qualified, skilful and professional instructors in the comfort of fully-equipped classrooms. An exhilarating journey through silent canyons of Gozo and deep wrecks of Malta, that’s the incredible experience of Technical diving in the Mediterranean Sea.

Starfish Diving School can provide all necessary technical gear and high safety standards, all the dive planning and support required as well as leading the dive and providing support divers as necessary.

For clubs and groups that want to arrive with their own Instructors to complete their courses, we are happy to offer the use of our facilities and support of our Instructors.

We take pride in offering personal service to each and every client, with many of them becoming new diving friends, that will plan their next vacation in one of our diving centres, coming back to relive the pleasant experience of their first trip. One of our main missions is to provide, during your vacations, a service of unbeatable courtesy and kindness.

We are available to answer your telephone queries 7 days a week, and can be contacted on +356 21382995 or +356 21382995 where + is the international access code in your country. Our e-mails are constantly checked. If you wish to ask any questions, please contact us.

Сертификаты и награды
PADI 5 Star
Dive Center
Our school received
5 stars PADI
Emergency First
Tiit is a qualified EFR
Instructor Trainer
Open Water Scuba
Diver Instructor
Mikhail is a recreational
SCUBA Instructor
Advanced Trimix
Training Advanced Trimix
Level is available
JJ CCR Helitrox
Mikhail can teach to Helitrox
level on the JJ-ccr
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