Yoga for Divers

Join us as for pre-dive Yoga for divers – these classes are specifically tailored to divers. Experience our unique Yoga-Diving program that integrates diving with the core principles of yoga to keep you calm underwater, improve your air consumption, create a meditative state of mind and turn you into a buoyancy master.

Meet Your Host

Robin is a South African expat that moved to Malta in early 2022. He is a PADI Scuba and Freediver instructor with Starfish Diving, and a registered Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation teacher.

Robin believes that Yoga and Diving are a match made in heaven. When we introduce the gentle, yet powerful Yogic Practices of Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation, to our Scuba Diving, we can truly inspire and Transform our Underwater Experience.

“Being mindful of our breathing and focusing inward during a dive helps us stay relaxed, slows our heart rate, and improves our air consumption. Through the unique feeling of weightlessness, and our slow, calm and relaxed breathing, every dive can be a meditation and bring about a greater sense of well-being.”

Yoga Classes Tailored Towards Scuba Divers & Freedivers

Classes are beginner friendly, integrating basic Pranayama, Meditation and gentle Yoga with diving, enabling divers to experiencing an exceptional pathway to enhancing our fitness and overall health through the effective practice of underwater controlled breathing, meditative focus and free flow physical exercise.

Yoga Diving Class Information

Robin’s classes are uniquely formulated on the premise that scuba diving and freediving can enhance human health, both physically and mentally, whilst exploring the amazingly diverse underwater world in Malta.

Our class typically begins with a warm-up of the joints and muscles, followed by the surya namaskar sequence, which helps to stretch and strengthen the entire body.

We introduce pranayama breathwork, which involves deep and controlled breathing exercises to increase lung efficiency and improve air consumption. We close the session with a meditation and share some deep relaxation techniques that help to reduce stress and improve mental focus, which can be especially beneficial in the water.

By combining these different yoga elements, our divers can improve their physical and mental well-being, as well as enhance their diving experience.

Details & Booking

When: Tuesday | Thursday | (on request)
Time: 07:10 am to 08:10 am
Bring: Water, yoga mat/towel, blocks, straps (if you have, if not they will be provided)
Cost: €12 per person (multi-class packages available)
Bookings: Join the Whatsapp group or book at reception

Please Note: If you are fit enough to dive, you are fit enough to do yoga. However, if you are suffering from any physical trauma, injury or disease, please do let us know.

WhatsApp Group

You can explore more about Robin on his website at or on Instagram @traveler_submerged

PADI Yoga Diver Course