Daily Diving Requirements

A day’s diving consists of 2 dives a day. The 3rd dive is optional.

Diving always starts from the Dive Centre between 08:30 to 09:00 unless otherwise informed. Departure from the centre to the dive site is usually between 09:00 to 09:30.

Return after 2 dives is at approximately 14.30, depending on the dive sites chosen for the day. When diving in GOZO from shore, return is at approximately 17:00 due to ferry crossing.

Boat dives also start at the Dive Centre between 08:00 and 09:00, or as advised by reception. Departure from the Jetty is usually between 09:00-09:30. Return after a full day is usually between 15:30-16:00.

All times may change depending on time of year, weather conditions and circumstances of the particular dive.

For half day trips, the boat will return to the Jetty between 11.30-12.00.

For special trips, departure times will be notified by reception.

Snorkeling/non-divers in vans and boats are subject to space with first preference always being given to diving clients. Unless organized by Starfish Diving, snorkeling must be done in a safe manner and at one’s own risk, following directions from the instructor before entering the water.

Departure for Night dives from the Dive Centre varies between 17.30 in Winter and 19.30 in Summer.
Dives in dive packages do not need to be made on consecutive days.

You may be required to complete a check dive and/or a refresher dive depending on your level and experience.  This is done for your safety and the safety of other divers who will be diving with you.

Pre-Conditions for Diving

Qualified divers must present their certification card and logbook.  Any person who has not dived within the last 6 months needs to make a minimum of one initial check dive.

All divers will need to complete and sign:


If the diver answers “YES” to any of the medical conditions on the form, then a medical certificate signed by a doctor is required. We have a doctor on call at the dive centre and a medical examination costs around €30.

Divers under the age of 18 need to provide written parental/ guardian consent allowing them to dive. Please make sure you sign the following forms in the parent guardian section and send them together with the sale voucher.

Unguided diving (Independent Diving) and Equipment Rental

Maltese law requires divers renting equipment (particularly Breathing Apparatus) and diving independently to be qualified as PADI Advanced Open Water, BSAC Sports Diver or equivalent. Divers below this level may not rent Breathing Apparatus for independent diving.

A diver wishing to do unguided diving must do so with a buddy as per training received. Starfish Diving does not recommend nor encourages Solo Diving.

Divers opting for independent diving need to have their own transport.

Customers renting equipment from Starfish Diving must check that all equipment is working properly prior to leaving the centre. If stolen or damaged, customers are required to reimburse the centre for the item in full. The customer renting the equipment is fully responsible for all equipment once it is removed from the Dive Centre. Rental equipment is not covered by Starfish Diving’ Insurance once it leaves the centre.

All items must be returned in good working order within 24 hours from time initially taken. Items will be charged on a daily basis until handed back to reception staff. A valuable item such as a passport or driving license will be kept as a deposit till items are returned.

Guided Dives

Maltese Law requires that all divers below Advanced Open Water, BSAC Sports diver or equivalent level need to be accompanied/guided by an Instructor in the water at all times.

All Starfish Diving dive guides are qualified Instructors/Divemasters. Divers will be grouped according to qualification and experience and suitable dive sites are selected according to the group’s preference and ability.

Transport to and from dive sites is provided free of charge. Divers using our transport do so at their own risk. No valuables should be taken to the dive sites. Starfish Diving cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of client property.

When a client books a boat trip, Starfish Diving will do everything possible to take you to the dive site selected. However, it cannot be responsible if the boat cannot operate, or if the initially selected dive site is not able to be dived that day, regardless of reason (e.g. weather and sea conditions, engine failure, or other logistical considerations.)

The maximum depth for each client is determined by the certification level and the date of the last dive, as well as the instructor’s assessment of the experience and comfort level of the client and the weather and sea conditions on the day.
We do not encourage Decompression Dives for Recreational diving. This does not apply to Technical diving.

Divers opting for Technical dives need to book for these dives separately from Recreational diving.

For Refunds, please look at cancellation section further below.

Course Requirements

There is a PADI Certification fee of €35 on each successfully completed course included in the course prices.

PADI Standards require that appropriate PADI materials are purchased for use on each course. These are always charged separately from the course. 

We have the right to withhold final certification, should the Instructor feel that the student has not reached the required level needed for that level of certification as defined by the training organisation.

It is up to the client to make sure that he/she has enough time to complete the course based on the guideline in our brochure/website and allowing some additional time for unforeseen circumstances. All PADI courses need to be completed within 12 months from commencement.  Starfish Diving will do all that is possible to fit a course within a stipulated time. However, it cannot guarantee the duration as each student will have to fulfill all the obligations and standards of the course which might take more time than envisaged.  If extra dives are required by the student to complete the course these will be charged at the accompanied diving rates.

Airport Transfers

Upon request and availability, a person will be waiting at outside the arrivals lounge at the Malta International Airport on the road just outside the arrivals hall. The person will have a sign with Starfish Diving on it. The client’s name will also be on it.Once your plane lands kindly contact us on +35621319123 to inform us and get further directions. Transfers are direct to the hotel booked (unless otherwise agreed)

Daily Hotel Transfers to Centre

Starfish Diving offers free MORNING transfers from local (Sliema/St. Julians/Gzira) hotels for divers booked for guided diving packages or training courses. Clients are to make sure that they have all the necessary paperwork including logbooks and vouchers. Please  understand that the bus cannot be held up to wait for individual clients and leave other clients waiting. On the other hand if we are more than 15 mins late kindly contact us on +35621319123.

All divers and passengers making use of Starfish Diving transport need to be decently dressed and are asked to wear dry clothes even after dives.

Return transfer to the hotel cannot be guaranteed at a fixed time and can only be done once the dive centre closes (i.e. May-October at 18:30, November-April at 17:00.)


Guests are responsible for taking out adequate Trip/Travel insurance cover for their diving activities and equipment.

Personal items or equipment left in the dive centre during the day or over night are not covered by Starfish Diving Insurance. Items left on Starfish Diving premises are left at the customers’ own risk as the service is offered in good faith. 

Force Majeure

Actions of Independent contractors such as Airlines and Tour Operators are not the responsibility of Starfish Diving W.S. Ltd.

We reserve the right to shorten a trip, change itineraries or substitute a vessel for weather, mechanical or logistical reasons.

Securing your booking

For online payments bookings are secured once the order has been processed (i.e. upon full payment).

A booking voucher will be issued. Please make sure you bring this voucher with you.

Cancellation Policy


Individual Bookings: if cancelled 14 days prior to date of service, a single €25 administrative charge is applicable. If cancelled less than 14 days prior to date of service, payments are not refundable.

Under special cancellation circumstances, the deposit may be held available for use by the client for another booking if taken within one year. The decision on what is “special” will be at the sole discretion of Starfish Diving.

Scheduled Dives

Dives from a dive package are not refundable if diver does not show up or shows up late for the scheduled dive.

Refunds are not given for scheduled dives that are not completed when already on location.

If a scheduled course dive is missed because diver does not show up or shows up late for the scheduled appointment, an extra  charge will be enforced to reschedule the missed dive lesson.

Dives can only be refunded if cancelled by client 24 hours beforehand by informing us in person or via telephone call within our working hours. (i.e. May-October 8.30 to 18.30 November-April 8.30 to 17.00.)

Dives will also be refunded if diver is unable to dive due to sickness and provides a doctor’s certificate. In the case of sickness, the client must inform the Dive Centre at least the day before the diving day in normal circumstances. Of course Starfish Diving understands that in certain cases the client cannot inform beforehand, but it must be clear that the sole reason for cancelling is sickness.

Being drunk or hungover is not considered being sick, so whilst the client will not be allowed to dive, charges will still apply.

In the case that clients have booked a dive package or course with us and are unable to dive due to bad weather conditions or breakage of vehicle or boat or any other reason, Starfish Diving will only be held responsible for the services it offers and no other related services to the holiday such as flights, accommodation, transportation, etc.

It is strongly recommended that you take adequate Trip/Travel insurance cover for your diving activities and equipment.

Items to bring with you to the Dive Centre:

  • Certification card
  • Doctors certificate when needed
  • Logbook / Referral or E-Learning paperwork
  • Voucher (Booking confirmation)
  • Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen
  • Money for lunch, drinks, sundries

Please do not take in vehicles any valuables that you are not able to take with you in the water.
The Dive Centre has a Safe Locker where you may leave valuables for the day while diving.


Rates quoted are in Euro (€) and are subject to change without prior notice.